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School Photo Packages
We offer a comprehensive range of packages specifically catering for School Photographers. There are qualifying conditions regarding the sets offered, number of children required to qualify for special pricing, etc. Interested photographers need to meet with us to discuss requirements and opportunities.
Print sizes from passport to 20 x 30 cm can be included, in various quantities and combinations. We can tailor a package to specifically meet each school's requirements and budget, as well as providing advice on practical aspects of school photography.
We also offer the inclusion of larger prints and canvas prints (including stretch framing) where this is required.
Assistance will be provided in selecting the best package, and advice can be provided on the best approach to the annual school photograph. Due to the volume of work, special pricing is offered to assist photographers in offering a competitive, high quality product to their schools.
We also run Photoshop procedures and batches to add to the photographer's product offering. Calendars, bookmarks, text and logos on prints, fancy borders, etc. can be accommodated to enable the photographer to tailor an attractive, creative package to win business.
Please contact us for details. Please ensure you give us full details of the work you are undertaking, including the typical number of sets you provide for your schools and provide information on the packages that you currently offer to enable us to tailor an offering to suit your requirements.