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Where quality is our only concern
Digital Imaging Services offers a range of professionally bound photo story books. These beautiful coffee table books are printed on the finest papers and bound in traditional hardcover, with textured vinyl covers in a variety of colours, "leatherette" (animal friendly) or genuine leather for a luxury finish. Photo Books
Pages are varnished to provide long life and protection from accidental dirt. The final pages are approximately 1mm thick, quite stiff and lie flat.
Books are available in 15x15cm square, 15x20cm landscape, 20x20cm square, 20x30cm landscape, 30x20cm portrait, 30x30cm square or 30x40cm landscape formats, ranging from 30 to 60 printed pages.

Covers include a variety of coloured vinyl finishes, animal friendly "leatherette", personalized printed designs or hand stitched genuine leather in a variety of colours.

Personalized covers offer free design and can incorporate pictures, text, logos, etc. to suit the occasion.

Pages are stiff, about 1mm thick and the book lies flat when opened, displaying the images to best advantage.

Hand stitched leather detail

Metal corner protects leather, leatherette and personalised covers

Content is completely free-form, designed in PhotoShop using templates supplied by us, or use your own designs.

Binding Detail

Personalised Covers

Photobooks are an ideal alternative to traditional wedding albums, and an ideal opportunity to record christenings, special birthdays and other events in a book that will last a lifetime.
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