Digital Imaging Services (formerly Foto Centre)
Photographic and Graphic Design Studio and Digital Printing
118 Stokroos Street, Northmead Ext. 4, Benoni, 1501
Tel: (011) 425-1659, Fax (086) 275-7579,
Where quality is our only concern
Digital Printing
We retired our old Agfa d-Lab.2 digital printer during 2015 due to continually increasing maintenance costs.
We now print images up to 20 x 30 cm on a new Digital Dry-lab printer that produces excellent results on glossy or lustre waterproof paper. By elimination warm-up times, we are able to provide short turnaround times on demand.
Standard prints are machine processed for sizes from postcard (9cm x 13cm) to 8" x 12" (20cm x 30cm) enlargements. Passport size and Wallet size prints are also produced, as well as Index prints (up to 40 images on a single sheet) in a variety of sizes providing for easy image selection before printing larger pictures.
All printing is done to the highest professional standards, including cropping and colour corrections where necessary. Prints may be ordered on Glossy or Lustre surfaces, with or without borders. Special papers such as self-adhesive labels, metallic and Fine Art papers can also be used to meet special requirements.
Large Format prints from 10"x 15" (25cm x 38cm) up to 60cm x 2 metres are printed on our twelve-colour Large Format machine on a variety of surfaces including papers, canvas, vinyl, banner material, back-lit film and many more.
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